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Pants Up Easy

The world's first and only product to help wheelchair users and people with mobility impairments pull their pants up independently! Pants Up Easy enables users to lift themselves an inch or so above the toilet or wheelchair seat, leaving hands free to pull pants up and down while dressing or using the restroom.
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Pants Up Easy was invented by Douglas Pearson, who has a close friend Paul Degroot, a wheelchair user who happens to be paralyzed as a result of a spinal cord injury. Douglas noticed that Paul spent long periods of time in the restroom. When asked why, Paul explained the difficulty and problems associated with dressing before and after using the toilet. Once on the toilet it was extremely painful and problematic to simply pull his pants up and down. Paul would wiggle back and forth, tugging and pulling on his pants to get them down and then repeat the process to pull them back up again. Paul had the same struggle while dressing in his wheelchair, usually needing to lay on his bed to pull his pants on.
Douglas immediately began to design a product to assist his paralyzed friend to be able to independently pull his pants up and down. The results of that effort are the 3 individual products in the Pants Up Easy line: 
  • Wall Mount which is permanently installed to any wall.
  • Toilet Model which is placed (no installation required) behind any toilet.
  • Wheelchair Model which is freestanding and assists in the dressing process while in the wheelchair.
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